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“The Song Is Ended, but the Melody Lingers On”

Dear friends,
the morning of the 17th of April 2008, will always be remembered as the day of the completed score of “Death and the Maiden - the Opera”

Heavy books will be written on the subject, exhibitions, novels, even theatrical plays will be made…
“What happened that magic last night of his?”

Gerardo’s song to the Decaparecidos went almost tooo beautiful… ;-)
threatening dialogue between Paulina and Miranda interfolded by Mozart quotations, going to a thrilling end…
Paulina’s monologue (the true “Death and the Maiden”-song, first she is the maiden “why does it always have to be me”, but turns into the death “This time I’m going to think about myself//What do we lose by killing one of them”) follows exactly Schubert’s own song pattern. Why change a winning concept?
She starts it off with a crying shout “And why…” and then simply sings the song. - terrific effect, astonishing, breathtaking…
…ends with an even more breathtaking crescendo!
in the incidental music over to the epilogue we can again hear the sounds of the high heals on the sidewalk and the “coup-sounds” from the prologue,
and then comes a chaos over to a concert tuning,
and then Schubert…
the three last minutes (= the concert) is a compilation of the last movement of Schubert’s D810, first a couple of bars for just the quartet, where after it expands into Mahler’s string orchestra arrangement completed on top with winds an timpani added by the present composer. Exciting sound in fact!

Probably worth to complete an orchestration of the whole piece, some other time…

The collaboration with my librettist Ariel has been wonderful. Apart from being a dream of mine to come true I have to tell you all how much I’ve enjoyed working with this humble and wise writer and how much I’ve appreciated his full and enthusiastic support in “ups”, but also and even more important - in “downs”, those unavoidable moments during such a long time-spanned work as this present one.

This is the curtain of the first act, the second and even more exciting to
come… – very soon!

Jonas F, composer


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