composer — Jan 31 (Thu) 2008, 00:56 +0100

The sooner, the better…

Good evening!
I thought (and surely hoped) that my next post would be me sending a triumphal trumpet fanfare announcing the fact that I had reached the final double barline of the first act, but that will have to wait until after some more hard working nights. I’ve just spent two night sessions instead making a slight revision of the third scene. My dear friend and the coming stage director of the piece Åsa, at the moment temporary residing in Paris, called me the other night with some very nasty opinions about the musical start of the scene. She thought that it didn’t carry the necessary level of complexity!! I must admit that it is quite hard for a composer of music and calling it contemporary to hear such an opinion, but after listening through it several time I had to confess to myself and to you all that she was completely right! It didn’t need much, just another vague layer of something different… and now it’s there! In order to fulfill the musical shape I also needed to put the same salt to some of the final bars of the scene as well.

- Thank you, Åsa, it hurt, I felt miserable, but it was necessary…
Better now, than two weeks before the premiere!
Now, I’ll go on with scene 4 and will try to forget and forgive. I actually reached the final bar of act one a couple of nights ago, and the rest is adding spices and make some polishing. I’ll be back soon…

Jonas F

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