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composer — Sep 19 (Fri) 2008, 17:27 +0200

final dress rehearsal

Yesterday was the magical evening of the “final dress rehearsal” (an occasion named “general rehearsal” in practically all other languages apart from the English!) Sounded good, sung and played marvelously and acted with extreme intense by all involved. Great tension, fantastic concentration and at the same time with those “teensy-weensy” mistakes and misunderstandings that promise [...]

composer — Sep 17 (Wed) 2008, 17:12 +0200

(maybe they are) close close by

(the title is a quotation from the second scene, the so called “men’s bonding duet” between Gerardo Escobar and Roberto Miranda)
Yesterday evening was the night of the next-to-general rehearsal.
Ariel Dorfman was present, and I really felt that he appreciated the music of mine as well as the scenic conception of his drama and the performance [...]

composer — Sep 16 (Tue) 2008, 14:57 +0200


Tonight we’ll have the next-to-general rehearsal of “Death and the Maiden”, as is the case and tradition of Malmö Opera this will be with invited audience. Very exciting and very scaring, indeed! Even more exciting is that the librettist Ariel is about to arrive here in Malmö just now. I’m not sure if he’s capable, with hisjet-lags, [...]

composer — Sep 15 (Mon) 2008, 02:25 +0200

Report, early morning the 15th of September.

The last night in Stockholm before I leave for the premiere in Malmö…
I’ve seen so many gifted and talented people working with Ariel’s and my œvre during these last weeks. I’ve seen three wonderful soloists, dramatic soprano Erika (Paulina), baritone Fredrik (Gerardo) and lyric tenor Joseph (Miranda), whom all have transformed my wooden tones and [...]

composer — , 01:10 +0200

“Being Here” (or: “Welcome back, Mr. Chance”)

Quoting and making a travesty on the well known Peter Seller’s 1979 movie title (both in English and in Swedish) is my way of telling a my story of the last four-and-a-half months.
After finishing this opera by the end of April, I took a loooooong vacation. I went to Paris in June, in order to [...]