Archives: January, 2008

composer — Jan 31 (Thu) 2008, 00:56 +0100

The sooner, the better…

Good evening!
I thought (and surely hoped) that my next post would be me sending a triumphal trumpet fanfare announcing the fact that I had reached the final double barline of the first act, but that will have to wait until after some more hard working nights. I’ve just spent two night sessions instead making a [...]

composer — Jan 4 (Fri) 2008, 21:51 +0100

Workin’ on the last scene of 1st Act…

Dear reader!
This day of the new year, I’m sittin’ at my desk and workin’ hard on the last scene of the first act. (I might just have made the hit of the first act, though I must confess I have a terrible lack of sense for what’s gonna’ strike the world…
Today I read [...]