Archives: December, 2007

composer — Dec 29 (Sat) 2007, 02:50 +0100

Last tremblin’ days of this terrible year…

Now it’s early Saturday morning the 29th of December, and I won’t be back at my desk until next year. Yesterday, today and tonight I’ve been page editing the scene 3 of the first act that I finished a week ago, made some changes I found during the X-mas holidays and made a synthesizer recording [...]

composer — Dec 23 (Sun) 2007, 17:08 +0100

Season’s greetings

Early Saturday morning I was able to finish the next-to-last scene of the first act, the one with the first meeting between Paulina and Roberto Miranda, one of the most important scenes in the drama.
I’m quite satisfied and happy with the result of my efforts so far, so now I can join my family for [...]

composer — Dec 6 (Thu) 2007, 23:57 +0100

the 6th of December

Dear Readers,
A toast to Finland, Sweden’s neighbor in their 90th anniversary as a free country.
Today, the very last evening of my beloved 40th I send you a short message of delivery. I’ve just finished orchestration of the second scene of the first act and now I’m gonna celebrate my first half century together with my [...]