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composer — Nov 28 (Wed) 2007, 18:49 +0100

History of the project - part 2

Dear readers!
I haven’t had too much time recently to fulfill my intentions with this blog, but that’s how most composers work: “24/7” as my daughters put it – all day, all night (“Women in their beds and men free at night” – to quote Roberto Miranda and Gerardo Escobar in the present opera, act 1 [...]

composer — Sep 20 (Thu) 2007, 23:41 +0200

History of the project - part 1

Today it’s exactly one year until this opera will be first performed at the Malmö Opera & Music Theatre (MOMT).
It all started off with an initiative from my old friend and partner, the stage director Åsa Melldahl, who so far has suggested many of our common projects. One day, in like 2003, she phoned me [...]