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composer — Sep 17 (Wed) 2008, 17:12 +0200

(maybe they are) close close by

(the title is a quotation from the second scene, the so called “men’s bonding duet” between Gerardo Escobar and Roberto Miranda)
Yesterday evening was the night of the next-to-general rehearsal.
Ariel Dorfman was present, and I really felt that he appreciated the music of mine as well as the scenic conception of his drama and the performance [...]

composer — Sep 16 (Tue) 2008, 14:57 +0200


Tonight we’ll have the next-to-general rehearsal of “Death and the Maiden”, as is the case and tradition of Malmö Opera this will be with invited audience. Very exciting and very scaring, indeed! Even more exciting is that the librettist Ariel is about to arrive here in Malmö just now. I’m not sure if he’s capable, with hisjet-lags, [...]

composer — Apr 23 (Wed) 2008, 15:04 +0200

“The Song Is Ended, but the Melody Lingers On”

Dear friends,
the morning of the 17th of April 2008, will always be remembered as the day of the completed score of “Death and the Maiden - the Opera”
Heavy books will be written on the subject, exhibitions, novels, even theatrical plays will be made…
“What happened that magic last night of his?”
Gerardo’s song to the Decaparecidos went [...]

composer — Mar 14 (Fri) 2008, 17:39 +0100

– One more to go!

So, I’ve just finished the next-to-last scene of the opera,
which means: – One more scene to go!
(but it’s a huuuuuuge one, the most extensive, and – of course – also the most important of the whole play!)
But, “what the h-ck”, – let’s celebrate!

More news, – Go to my temporary web-site for the opera project here [...]

composer — Mar 7 (Fri) 2008, 01:56 +0100

Composer at work…

Dear readers,
There hasn’t been too much to read in this blog for a while, but it all depends on the fact that I’ve been working like a dog, day and night, night and day…
I’m very satisfied with the thrilling start of the second act, but as frustrated with the amount of time spent on making [...]

composer — Feb 11 (Mon) 2008, 23:51 +0100

First Act completed!

Dear patient readers,
at 6 o’clock AM the 1st of February I shut down my computer after finishing the last scene of the first act. (I regard morning hours before I go to bed as counted belonging to the day before, in other words – the first act was closed during January – as calculated…
The [...]

composer — Jan 31 (Thu) 2008, 00:56 +0100

The sooner, the better…

Good evening!
I thought (and surely hoped) that my next post would be me sending a triumphal trumpet fanfare announcing the fact that I had reached the final double barline of the first act, but that will have to wait until after some more hard working nights. I’ve just spent two night sessions instead making a [...]

composer — Jan 4 (Fri) 2008, 21:51 +0100

Workin’ on the last scene of 1st Act…

Dear reader!
This day of the new year, I’m sittin’ at my desk and workin’ hard on the last scene of the first act. (I might just have made the hit of the first act, though I must confess I have a terrible lack of sense for what’s gonna’ strike the world…
Today I read [...]

composer — Dec 29 (Sat) 2007, 02:50 +0100

Last tremblin’ days of this terrible year…

Now it’s early Saturday morning the 29th of December, and I won’t be back at my desk until next year. Yesterday, today and tonight I’ve been page editing the scene 3 of the first act that I finished a week ago, made some changes I found during the X-mas holidays and made a synthesizer recording [...]

composer — Dec 23 (Sun) 2007, 17:08 +0100

Season’s greetings

Early Saturday morning I was able to finish the next-to-last scene of the first act, the one with the first meeting between Paulina and Roberto Miranda, one of the most important scenes in the drama.
I’m quite satisfied and happy with the result of my efforts so far, so now I can join my family for [...]